Icona Pop: “Girls Girls” – Single Review


Released: June 16, 2017 (TEN Music)

Trust Swedish girl group Icona Pop to delivery an easy breezy house tune that will probably be the most played tune on your damn phone! 

Following the infectious trend of tropical house beats, Icona Pop are back with their first single of the year, titled “Girls Girls”, and is a subtle dance number that tells girls around the world to throw away their broken hearts, and live their life on the dance floor. Yuss Ms. Thangs, you better work it on the club floor! Speaking about their first single this year; the band released their chill-out track “Brightside” mid 2016, which follows a similar formula, but just didn’t get off with a great punch. Thankfully this time round, the girls belt out some of their signature high-range vocals and pretty simple and sweet lyrics, and it all mashes well together.

For me personally, this is definitely their best release since “All Night”. Of course, their ability to change up their sound inside the dance genre is pretty noteworthy—let’s talk about the chaotic fun-tasticness of “Emergency”, or their club-BANGER with Tiesto, titled “Let’s Go”—but “Girls Girls” inhales a breath of fresh air, and exhales an exotic twist of tropical house sounds and summery calypso instrumentation that would be perfect to listen to while traveling across the seaside (that is of course… you life near a beach…). Nevertheless, “Girls Girls” is a welcoming return to one of Sweden’s innovative dance groups, and is an indication of more interesting tweaks coming in the future.



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