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RuPaul: ‘American’ – Album Review


Released: March 24, 2017 (RuCo Inc.)

2017 kiddies; what do you get when you have legendary queen, Mama RuPaul herself, mix an outspoken dominance for the recent changes in American socialism, LGBT rights, and many other serious cases in the USA, with just as outspoken glamour gowns, unclockable make-up and utter fierceness? Well, RuPaul’s 2017 studio album American of course. 

An entertainer that never refuses a challenge, Mama Ru decided to tighten up the corset and high-heels for what seems to be her most politically and socialistic charged-record to date. Of course, RuPaul’s music always invests a significant charm and charisma that makes it stand out, but I guess you can say the uplifting quality of her tunes definitely stands out in American. Take the title track as an example; a perfect slide of retro synthpop thrown about a crook pot of the “American dream”-esque lyrics and support of the country equal rights. Quick patriotic isn’t it? And while “Kitty Girl” is subtle in it’s delivery, it’s a pretty well-rounded dance track that showcases a division support for the American dream and LGBT rights.

But in areas, American doesn’t completely delivery the so-call political stances as potently. Instead, she shakes the glitter on the floor Ms. Thang, and has fun with it. “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent” is a stand-alone support system by itself; it’s a funky deep house anthem that has Mama Ru chant to us… well, the title of the track… Until it gets stuck in out HEADS! And I LOVE IT! And of course, a RuPaul album would never be complete with the fishy campy jams such as the rap-infused number “Call Me Mother”, or the crisp synths of “Spotlight”, “Broke Me Down” and “Mighty Love”. These tracks alone stand out so much, and keeps the RuPaul formula at an all-time fresh quality.

There are some moments that were a little bit underwhelming. For me, the slow-tempo “Hey Doll” is a bit boring. It’s a nice decent track to listen to, but it’s not exactly exciting as the rest of the tracks (especially for it being a self-empowerment number). “Getaway” and “It Ain’t Over” feel a lil’ bit misplaced here; again, not bad tracks, but nothing particularly exciting and don’t run that well with the rest of the record. But gurl… gurl, gurl, gurl. That “Lady Cowboy” tune? My lord… In the words of RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Tatianna… “That was a choice.”. Of course, it follows the American theme here, but I guess Ms. RuPaul went a little bit over-the-top with the aesthetic and used it freely here. Nevermind…

All in all, American is quite a good album, and definitely a lot more cohesive than Mama Ru’s previous albums. It’s catchy to the days of DEATH mawma, and Ru’s decision to continue a classic deep house composition shows that Mama Ru has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, regardless if it’s old or new. Of course, not as patriotic as expected, American definitely get’s my vote (no pun intended).

Track List (Bold means best tracks):

  1. American
  2. Kitty Girl
  3. Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent *Liam favourite*
  4. Broke Me Down
  5. Getaway
  6. Call Me Mother
  7. Spotlight
  8. Mighty Love
  9. Hey Doll
  10. Lady Cowboy
  11. It Ain’t Over



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