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EXO: “The Power of Music” – EP Review


Released: September 5, 2017 (SM Entertainment)

South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO proved themselves to be a force to reckon with on their comeback record The War, which was released two months ago. And there’s no surprise to that either, considering that EXO are one of the most progressive and edgier Asian acts in recent times (all thanks to SM Entertainment of course). But while The War saw a lot more solid and radio-friendly experimentation, it’s their new mini-EP, The Power of Music, that commands all the major attention for all the good reasons.

Since mid 2010s, EXO have continued with their good-boys-gone-bad image and replicated this within their music and dance styles, especially with the near-perfect EDM jam “Overdose”, or the extremely infectious “Monster”. But for the first time since their debut, the band have gone for a more fluffy and fun beat on the EP’s lead single “Power”, which is a straightforward house number with a few disco riffs through it’s verses. The song is aided by a heavy bass line that gives it that essential K-Club vibe, which I absolutely LIVE FOR! Overall, a pretty solid banger ready to WIPE the charts!

The following two songs; “Sweet Lies” and “Boomerang”, take notes from the sound on The War, with additions of pop flair to keeps the tracks a lil’ bit funky and appealing. “Sweet Lies” could have easily been placed as another track on The War with it’s seductive trap elements that oozes some F-ing hot sounds and versatile vocal deliveries from each member! “Boomerang”, with it’s slick MJ-esque bassline and infectious synths, could have fooled me for some Bruno Mars number; it’s just so F-ing fierce without being so forced or desperate to break some top 40 market outside of South Korea. It’s fun, flirty, and… just damn FUN! And that’s an element I am starting to miss from a lot of top-names in K-Pop; the fun essences without having to be too trendy or appealing to the mainstream market.

EXO have proven on numerous occasions to be a full-force musical act that belt out some wicked tunes, whether they range from ballads to summer jams, or solid club cuts. And with The Power of Music, it only showcases a re-vamped attitude and appeal to a newer and upcoming audience. With it’s slick production, fun choreography and extremely tasteful visuals, there’s nothing stopping them now. Keep em’ coming EXO, because we’re all getting hyped by the minute!



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