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Namie Amuro to release new singles “Showtime” and “Hope”


Get ready to sail the J-Pop waves y’all, because Namie Amuro has announced two new singles heading towards our shelves!

Japan’s supreme diva Namie Amuro has announced two new singles; “Showtime” and “Hope”. The first song has been described as an uptempo party number that includes various live instrumentation and synths, and will be delivered as the official theme song for the TBS series Kangoku no Ohimesama, set to premiere in October 2017. The second single, “Hope”, is a midtempo jam that focuses on it’s uplifting lyrical content and Amuro-chan’s powerhouse vocals; this track will be used as the theme song for the legendary anime series One Piece, which showcases their second collaboration together since 2011’s “Fight Together”. According to the singer, she voiced her delight in collaborating with the series again, and stated that she “hopes it becomes a song that highlights the magic of One Piece.”

Now I heard the track via previews on various Facebook sites (as any fan would), and I must say I really enjoyed “Hope”. Of course, coming straight outta the bag since the pretty mundane “Just You And I” (read my review on the Music sections) could hinder it’s overall deliveries as just another generic pop ballad, but based off what I heard, it’s pretty solid. As for “Showtime”?… gurl bye. No interest. Next… Hopefully something juicier will hit the shelves during her 25th music anniversary, which will be celebrated with a live concert at the end of September 2017 in her hometown of Okinawa.

Visit Amuro-chan’s website for more info about the tracks!


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