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Yuki Tsujimura: “Light” – Single Review


Released: August 30, 2017 (Universal Music Group)

Upcoming J-pop artist Yuki Tsujimura made his first major debut with the experimental EDM jam “Ame Dance” in July this year, which kinda got me all anticipated about his work as I found it quite an intriguing debut track. But now, Mr. Tsujimura has decided to throw in the heavy synths for a bit of a J-rock twists on his most recent single “Light”, which is used as the official theme song to the anime series Monster Strike. And may I say, this is probably one of the most promising jams I’ve heard this year.

Unlike every bloody anime theme song out there in ol’ J-pop land, “Light” takes the typical formula of heavy rock riffs, the occasional (or rare) hook and polished production values, and transforms it into a pretty catchy number that I could easily see being adapted into an English tune and SLAY the charts around the globe. Of course I would ridicule tunes like this for coming across as some generic-ass anime tune with basic flair to it, but “Light” is a different catch. It’s a lot more pop-friendly and quite out-of-the-box in terms of music, that I wouldn’t have even thought it to be a theme song from an anime series of film.

Apart from the drabby guitar break with some dry dubstep elements thrown in there, “Light” is a pretty consistent track without any major bumps or key shifts. What I live for in an anime tune is the effectiveness of blending both subtle electronics and rock sounds, which works incredibly in this track. Even during the bridge section, Yuki-san’s ability to deliver an uplifting composition and performance without any dull moments is pretty solid. But one thing that always get’s me is his voice… god damn the J-pop lords above, his voice is so good. It’s, of course, an over-the-top compilation of different voices in one, but he’s able to work it through different sections of the track with ease and grace, which only gets more bloody ticks in my book!

As mentioned, “Light” is probably one of the most convincing “debut” J-pop singles I’ve heard all year, and I shit you not. The choruses and verses are strong, the overall composition meets a perfect edge of contemporary pop and the quintessential anime-frills, and finishes with Yuki Tsujimura’s moulding these traits together with his meticulous arrangement skills, voice and songwriting. A solid track from start to finish, and a definite track to listen to.



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