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Ami Suzuki: ‘Supreme Show’ – Album Review

Released: November 12, 2008 (Avex Trax) Supreme Show is a record I feel that Ami Suzuki had always wanted to make but never had the tools at the time to execute. It was released ten months after her concept album Dolce, back in February 2008, but to categorize Dolce as her official "comeback" was probably a misstep. Because… Continue reading Ami Suzuki: ‘Supreme Show’ – Album Review

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Ami Suzuki: ‘Dolce’ – Album Review

Released: February 6, 2008 (Avex Trax) Ami Suzuki is a name that has never been mentioned in the recent years of J-Pop music. No, not Suzuki the car brand. Ami Suzuki. The 90s J-Pop diva. One of the prime 90s artists that could have made longevity seem like a walk in the park. But after a… Continue reading Ami Suzuki: ‘Dolce’ – Album Review