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GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE: “Big City Rodeo” – Single Review


Released: October 25, 2017 (Rhythm Zone)

“Big City Rodeo” comes straight off the bat from their previous studio album Namida wo Nagasenai Pierrot wa Taiyou mo Tsuki mo nai Sora wo Miageta… or what I like to call, that Generations album with the long-ass title. Now, I’m in for heavy club numbers, especially when it’s from any LDH act because the odds are that they are dope-as-F! So, without further or do, here is the new single from GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE!

“Big City Rodeo” is a tune you would expect from the LDH brand. It kinda reminds me of the Sandaime J Soul Brothers song “R.Y.U.S.E.I.” in terms of structure; very polished in production, but heavily seductive and charming during the verses with a BANGING chorus! But this is a lot different to a typical Generations number. The most immediate response from me was, “Shit, these guys sound incredibly mature”… yes y’all, “mature” being the key word here. And that’s the truth, it’s a very well-executed number that showcases a more well-reformed and impressive shift from their previous singles, with Ryuto and Ryota’s vocals blending perfectly with the song’s upbeat energy. Yup, they are no longer boys playing with their toys in the cot. They are big boys in expensive rides with girls lingering all over them in the clubs (I’m referring to the music video of course haha).

And then comes the B-side tracks, another typical element to the LDH brand (don’t get me wrong, I LIVE for LDH music… it’s just typical haha). The first is “Mad Cyclone”, which funnily takes the name of their current tour. For more, there is one word I could describe this four-on-the-floor EDM banger… FIRE! PURE FIRE! I’ve been kinda waiting for something with such an intense and edgy synths, electronics and club-oriented vibe for a while, and finally a hit like this has come! I’m quite disappointing this wasn’t released as a lead single, considering the potential it has to SMASHED the Oricon charts, but clearly they are saving something else for the future… well hopefully. And then there is the English version of “Taiyomo Tsukimo”, which is actually quite a good and solid rendition from the Japanese version!

“Big City Rodeo” is a clear example of their divergence into maturity and slickness. The production of each track is extremely crisp, and the energy never dies out. And, if you guys watch the accompanying music video, their choreography is stellar as always; always tight, but laid back enough to show off some impressive solo moves.



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