Photographed and edited by It’s Liam Edits, 2016. (C)

Oh hello! My name is Liam Harrison-Daley and I was born and raised in little ol’ New Zealand. Having said this, I am currently working towards my Bachelors of Visual Art and Design at the Eastern Institution of Technology (EIT). I work as a freelancing graphic designer, digital and fine artist. Artistically, I work primarily in design software such as the Adobe Suite and generally look into mediums such as photography, motion picture, photo manipulation and editing.

On this website, I also do some blog posting. I am an avid music fan—I love pop fluff, Asian music, and anything EDM—so I post music reviews that range between what I love and what is currently underground and amongst the charts. Alongside this, I update some artworks and current projects I am into and give exclusive details of what I’m enjoying at the moment.

Accolades & Recognition

  • 2013, Napier Photographer’s Art Gallery, New Zealand
  • 2017, PangeaSeed Sea Walls Mural Paintings (participation with Tread Well)
  • 2017, Hastings Community Art Centre, New Zealand (21)

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