Photographed and edited by It’s Liam Edits, 2016. (C)

Hello… It’s Liam! My name is Liam Harrison-Daley and I was born in New Zealand. I am a graphic design, visual artist and blogger, having earned a Bachelors of Visual Arts and Design in April 2018. Alongside this, I have contributed a few of my pieces in galleries in New Zealand and done some community work with art.

On this website, I upload my art work and several blog posts that showcase tutorials, how-to-do posts, and other inspirational words. I am an avid blogger when it comes to music, gaming and television/film, so you will see a variety of news and reviews from yours truly—I tend to review Asian music, any fluffy pop jams, fantasy games, and other nuts and bolts. But trust me, you’ll get a bit of summin’ summin’ all over the spectrum.

So, without further or do, check out my blog and all the kinks to get a piece of who I am! Or, head over to the Contact Me page to get a hold of me, both professional or on a personal note! See ya later!

Accolades & Recognition

  • 2013, Napier Photographer’s Art Gallery, New Zealand
  • 2017, PangeaSeed Sea Walls Mural Paintings (participation with Tread Well)
  • 2017, Hastings Community Art Centre, New Zealand (21)

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