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Art Update: Final school exhibition celebration!

Hey guys, It's Liam! (no pun intended) So you may have seen my previous Art Update post regarding my addition of face and body painting, which I am regularly updating nearly every week on Instagram (and potentially on this website)! Now, I have some more cool exiting news... last night, I had held my second… Continue reading Art Update: Final school exhibition celebration!

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Art Update: Experimenting with face paints

Hey everyone, Liam here! So as you know, I have been constantly blogging about some of my favourite and new-released music/games/movies over the past months, but now I'm taking the time out to release some cool stuff I've been up to lately! Trust me, it's gon' be a couple posts longโ€”so make sure to check… Continue reading Art Update: Experimenting with face paints


Art Update: New Wallpaper

ART UPDATE: A new wallpaper has been uploaded to my website if you guys wanna download it for your desktop, phone lock screen, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚ This wallpaper was originally an idea for my movie Sanctuary, but was removed from the final cut. Make sure you guys visit my various social media pages such as Instagram,… Continue reading Art Update: New Wallpaper

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New photography and wallpaper art

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've added any new artworks or art pieces to my website, so I've decided to add three new wallpapers for you guys to exclusively download!ย Hope you guys like them; I took a change to photograph it because I had randomly discovered that I had a peach blossom tree… Continue reading New photography and wallpaper art

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My first Youtube video!

Here it is! My first video for YouTube in a long time! This is an updated version of one of my Facebook videos about hair colouring and blending colors. Hope you guys like it! ๐Ÿ™‚ย More videos are to come! All credits are provided in video! VIEW BELOW: How to Blend Hair Colour Highlights on PhotoShop… Continue reading My first Youtube video!