Katy Perry: ‘Witness’ – Album Review


Released: June 9, 2017

Katy Perry has a way of delivering things; it could either be so good that it’s just plain F-ing good, or it’s bad that it’s good. And, that’s a good thing. Take a stroll back to memory lane with 2010’s Teenage Dream, a collection of fluffy, romantic, extremely crude and over-the-top record that reigned so many classless and immature material, it made the record so iconic and strong. But 2013’s Prism—Perry’s most mature title—saw a change in the lane. First, she was no more a fun, twisted and fierce-as-F diva, she become a strong voice for the public; the gays, the politics, the hurt, the happy… y’all get the idea. Now, fast-forward to June 2017, Ms. Thang decided to re-invent herself into a semi-robotic electronic pop queen for her new record Witness… and lord, it’s something. Continue reading “Katy Perry: ‘Witness’ – Album Review”

Linkin Park: ‘One More Light’ – Album Review


Released: May 19, 2017

Linkin Park were once one of the most radical, over-the-top nu-metal bands in like… well, if you calculate my age, then, ever! With iconic releases such as the early 2000s Hybrid Theory and Meteora, their image and sound took a controversial spin as it moved towards 2010’s A Thousand Suns, mixing a blend of electronica and pop-ish frills, and so forth,  But with One More Light, the bands seventh studio album in a near 20th anniversary achievement, never have the band sounded so… so… pop. And, for even die-hard Linkin Park fan, this will be a disappointment. Continue reading “Linkin Park: ‘One More Light’ – Album Review”

Katy Perry feat. Nicki Minaj: “Swish Swish” – Single Review

Released: May 19, 2017

Katy Perry is basically the new queen of dropping a bunch of hits because… well, why the hell not? Ms. Perry isn’t afraid of touching into different music genres; she hit the disco nail on the head with the lukewarm “Chained to the Rhythm”, and a progressive pop sound in the juvenile joy of “Bon Appetit”. But now, the singer has teamed up with bottttaaaay poppin’ rapper Nicki Minaj in the new single “Swish Swish”, which is the third single of Ms. Thang’s upcoming studio album Witness. Continue reading “Katy Perry feat. Nicki Minaj: “Swish Swish” – Single Review”

THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE: “Frontiers” – Single Review


Released: April 19, 2017

After a reasonably strong debut with the EDM-fuelled “Lightning”, Japanese boy band THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE dropped their follow-up mid-last month, titled “Frontiers”. There seems to be a very common trait with the Exile crew, notably their inevitable single releases literally right after another, and of course, a big assistance with the production and sound. And, with a bunch of B-sides to boast their releases, their seems to be no surprise in ratifying the group to maybe something a little outside the EXILE comfort zone.  Continue reading “THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE: “Frontiers” – Single Review”

Harry Styles: ‘Harry Styles’ – Album Review


Released: May 12, 2017

Looks like Mr. Harry Styles’ felt it was time to spread those wings and fly into the world of “lets-become-a-solo-artist” and deploy a batch of freshly-baked singles to top the charts. The British sensation has just released his album—which is simply the same title as his name—and I can tell you guys that this is gon’ be a trip through nostalgia and back. I’ve always enjoyed Harry’s sense of artistry, keeping his image very classic and chic, but what better to have an image like that than accompany it with a staggering release that boasts a broad range of 1960s-1980s music styles. Continue reading “Harry Styles: ‘Harry Styles’ – Album Review”

AI: “Saigo wa Kanarazu Seigi ga Katsu” – Single Review


Released: May 9, 2017

As one of Japan’s dopest R&B vocalists, Ms. AI sure has had a lot on her plate ever since giving birth to her daughter in August 2015. After releasing her greatest hits album The Best last year, the J-diva is back in full force and strong power with her new single “Saigo wa Kanarazu Seigi ga Katsu” (最後は必ず正義が勝つ). Of course, her most recent single —the triple A-side affair “Happy Christmas” / “Heiwa” / “Miracle”— was released back last year in November, but the overall effort was NOT one’s best comeback release. No tea or shade, but it was quite boring and a little effortless. So, THANK GOD, a track like this has really pushed her in the right direction. Continue reading “AI: “Saigo wa Kanarazu Seigi ga Katsu” – Single Review”

Katy Perry feat. Migos: “Bon Appetit” – Song Review


Released: April 28, 2017

Yes y’all, Ms. Thang has released her new single which is named “Bon Appetit”… and yes, that’s exactly how it is… that nasty sex. Unlike her previous single “Chained to the Rhythm”, which was a trend-following number of disco-music, “Bon Appetit” see’s Katy return back to her comical use of double entredes and quirky lyrics that once had us all obsessed back in those Tumblr-Facebook 2010s days. The track itself is house-influenced with subtle hints of R&B and pop elements, very similar to her hidden album gems such as “Pearl”, “Hummingbird Heartbeat” and “Double Rainbow”. I actually really like this number to be honest; it’s your quintessential Katy track, and definitely more recognisable than what “Chained to the Rhythm” was, which just felt a little to pedestrian at times.  Continue reading “Katy Perry feat. Migos: “Bon Appetit” – Song Review”

DAOKO: “Haikei Goodbye Sayonara” – Single Review


Released: April 15, 2017

In my opinion, J-diva Daoko has become one of the biggest newcomers in the fluffy land of J-pop. In fact, some of her hits like the intoxicating TeddyLoid collaboration “Daisuke” is by far one of the most impressive numbers in recent years. Fast-forward several months later, and you get “Haikei Goodbye Sayonara”, the brand new banger from the singer. Just to be very clear, this is no ordinary drill… this is a F-ing J-pop emergency! Continue reading “DAOKO: “Haikei Goodbye Sayonara” – Single Review”

RuPaul: ‘Remember Me: Essentials, Vol. 1’ – Album Review


Released: February 3, 2017

Back in the 1990s, Mama Ru was your go-to disco diva drag queen that shimmered style, glamour, and complete sassy realness. From there on, he has been very prominent within the underground club scene, especially with his iconic mixes such as the flamboyant dance anthem “Supermodel (You Better Work)”, which is KILLER TO THE DAYS! On wards, he’s managed to channel a more contemporary approach with groovy numbers like “Sissy That Walk”, the “oh-my-lord-this-track-is-Fing-fierce” “The Realness”, and “Die Tomorrow”. But for the first time in his musical career, he is serving his most consistent, cohesive and F-ing catchy record Remember Me: Essentials, Vol. 1. Continue reading “RuPaul: ‘Remember Me: Essentials, Vol. 1’ – Album Review”