Demi Lovato: ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ – Album Review


Released: September 29, 2017 (Island Records)

The hierarchy of Demi Lovato’s records are pretty interesting. Unbroken was meticulously created as bittersweet that only presented Ms. Lovato as a secondary element to the record. Demi was a lot better with it’s cohesion and overall delivery, but still didn’t bring enough fire and fierceness than what Confident did two years later. Long story short; if Unbroken and Demi were trends at the time, and Confident was re-asserting Demi Lovato as a well-rounded artists, then her latest effort Tell Me You Love Me is a big step forward… a VERY big step forward. Continue reading “Demi Lovato: ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ – Album Review”


Ayumi Hamasaki: “WORDS” – Single Review


Released: September 6, 2017 (Avex Trax)

As you all know, J-Pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki has had quite a few bumpy rides with her music since the 2010s period. A lot of the time, it just feels that Ayu-chan has no interested in coming back with a set of new jams, a new do, and fresh attitude. Instead, she keeps recycling her sound circa 2012 and remastering them with different arrangements and styles. But while 2012 isn’t exactly as far away as, let’s say, 2005 with her music, but if you follow Ayu-chan on social media—or just realize about her way of publishing her music—she releases about 3 album’s in one year. So yeah, not exactly fresh out the bag. Continue reading “Ayumi Hamasaki: “WORDS” – Single Review”

Namie Amuro: ‘Genius 2000’ – Album Review


Released: January 20, 2000 (Avex Trax)

Namie Amuro’s 2000 third studio album, Genius 2000, saw a transition from her idol appeal, to a fully-matured young woman. That being said, Genius 2000 saw the J-pop diva invoke a slick R&B sound that graced the future releases in her career, and instead of solely relying on legendary J-pop producer Tetsuya Komuro to basically recycle the same sounds into a collection of tracks, Amuro-chan teamed up with American producer Dallas Austin to produce a rather prospective release. No? Not familiar of Mr. Austin? Well, have you heard of TLC? Toni Braxton? Madonna? Well, then you know him well enough. Continue reading “Namie Amuro: ‘Genius 2000’ – Album Review”

FEMM: ‘Femm-Isation’ – Album Review


Released: October 1, 2014 (Avex Entertainment Inc.)

Japanese dance-pop duo—or shall I say, “mannequin” dance-pop duo—FEMM (short for Far East Mention Mannequins) have been in the music scene for five years now, and yet they still know how to bring out a mutha-f-ing banger; no flaws, no qualms about it, just solid hit, after hit, after hit. Since their debut, they still have managed to milk their high-concept image as mannequin girls who want to showcase the world as beings with feelings, and some pretty damn good choreography and singing skills. Yup… how ya gonna top that one gurls? Continue reading “FEMM: ‘Femm-Isation’ – Album Review”

Namie Amuro: ‘Concentration 20’ – Album Review


Released: July 24, 1997 (Avex Trax)

With the success of Sweet 19 Blues, Namie Amuro was at the top of the J-pop game. And so she should’ve been, because that record was one f-ing iconic and solid J-pop release that stood the test of time. But although longevity is one thing, the challenge of topping a record like that was the real question. Of course Amuro-chan’s follow-up singles, “A Walk in the Park” and “Can We Celebrate?”, saw a slight growth in maturity and started the second phase of her career at a high, the rest of her music didn’t come across as inventive as her debut. Continue reading “Namie Amuro: ‘Concentration 20’ – Album Review”

The Definite Ranking of Namie Amuro’s Best Singles (Part I)


As mentioned on my featured article, J-Pop legend Namie Amuro announced her retirement from the music industry for September 16, 2018. As a result, I decided to conduct a special, definite ranking of all of Amuro-chan’s single releases between her debut “Body Feels Exit”, and her most recent release “Just You And I” (a total of 61 releases, including double A-side singles). Also, keep an eye out within each week to see a complete list of album reviews I will be making of all of Amuro-chan’s releases.

For this list, I have removed all B-side tracks that included music videos or were released as radio-only singles or promotional singles. I will create a special top Namie Amuro Non-Singles list to commemorate all the damn amazing tracks from her albums that never saw the light of day (sigh). Soooooo, without further or do, here is my definite rankings of Namie’s singles: Continue reading “The Definite Ranking of Namie Amuro’s Best Singles (Part I)”

J-Pop legend Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵) to retire from music industry next year, will commence final album and concerts


UPDATED (21 Sept.): It has been confirmed that the new album is a greatest hits effort called Finally, which will feature all her singles from her debut up until now, and will also feature newly recorded and unreleased tracks. The album is scheduled to be released on November 8, 2017, alongside a farewell tour.

After wrapping up her final date for her special 25th anniversary show in Okinawa, J-pop legend Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵)—who has 40 million physical and digital units inside these years— has announced she will be retiring from the music industry next year, with a final studio album and series of shows to commence beforehand… sigh… I know everyone, pure J-pop travesty. Continue reading “J-Pop legend Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵) to retire from music industry next year, will commence final album and concerts”

Lol: ‘Lolol’ – Album Review


Released: August 2, 2017 (Avex Trax)

From the release of their debut single “Fire!”—an autotune drenched EDM throwaway track— I just knew that young and fresh Japanese band Lol were gon’ be just some generic idol group. No question about it. It always seems to be the case with youngsters like them; a few hits, a few misses, and then a collection of hit-or-miss singles and B-sides that all of us have already heard. So personally, I wasn’t particularly excited about the prosperity of Lol (even the name is quite… ehhh.) Continue reading “Lol: ‘Lolol’ – Album Review”

Yuki Tsujimura: “Light” – Single Review


Released: August 30, 2017 (Universal Music Group)

Upcoming J-pop artist Yuki Tsujimura made his first major debut with the experimental EDM jam “Ame Dance” in July this year, which kinda got me all anticipated about his work as I found it quite an intriguing debut track. But now, Mr. Tsujimura has decided to throw in the heavy synths for a bit of a J-rock twists on his most recent single “Light”, which is used as the official theme song to the anime series Monster Strike. And may I say, this is probably one of the most promising jams I’ve heard this year. Continue reading “Yuki Tsujimura: “Light” – Single Review”