Welcome to the review page! So basically this entire page is segregated into smaller sub-categories that list all my previous review entries, whether its to do with film, music, art, various products and a lot more. The first section is made up of music-based lists, whether its to do with new single releases, album reviews, music videos, and a lot more:

I have also introduced a new function called ‘The Breakdown‘. Basically what this is a more extensive piece of writing that relates to certain pieces of work that I admire.Β Think of it like an extended review, only with more of a backstory, personal development and an extensive analysis of all compartments to the piece. These will come rarely, but hopefully relate to all you viewers out there.

Additionally, each year I will be presenting a year-end countdown of some of the best works within the 365 days; this can range to a variety of different songs, genres, albums, and even outside of music. Check out the page to get a little bit more spice and juice from it.