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Chanmina: ‘Chocolate’ – Album Review

Released: November 15, 2017 (Victor Entertainment) Aspiring Japanese rapper Chanmina made some waves last year with her debut effort Miseinen—a record boasting a fun blend of hip-hop and electronic sounds (I recommend her track "Over" from the album; it's pure fire). Months later, it looks like Ms. Thang had a few more ideas that needed to… Continue reading Chanmina: ‘Chocolate’ – Album Review

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BREAKING: K-Pop idol and Shinee singer Jonghyun passes away at age 27 UPDATED (19 Dec.): It has been announced that no autopsy will be conducted and the investigation of his death will soon conclude. As Seoul police confirm via several publications, Jonghyun had taken his own life with what is stated below in this article. A suicide note, written by the singer, was published by his… Continue reading BREAKING: K-Pop idol and Shinee singer Jonghyun passes away at age 27

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TAEMIN: ‘MOVE – The 2nd Album’ – Album Review

Released: October 16, 2017 (SM Entertainment) Taemin's first studio album Press It was one fierce K-Pop record. I find his ambition in trying different musical genres and notes quite intriguing really because, with seductive vocals like his, he could honestly pull of any sound (minus the incomprehensible language barrier... no tea no shade). But the thing… Continue reading TAEMIN: ‘MOVE – The 2nd Album’ – Album Review

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Girls’ Generation: ‘Holiday Night’ – Album Review

Released: August 4, 2017 (SM Entertainment) South Korea's finest export, Girls' Generation, have surprised the K-pop world with the release of their sixth studio album Holiday Night. And it looks like the girls are going back to the disco and funk rhythms they first adopted on their previous effort, Lion Heart. Damn, even though Lion Heart was released… Continue reading Girls’ Generation: ‘Holiday Night’ – Album Review

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Seohyun: ‘Don’t Say No’ – EP Reviews

Released: January 17, 2017 Girls’ Generation starlet Seohyun has decided to spread her wings within the land of countless and limitless refugees of K-Pop land, and released her debut EP Don’t Say No. To her credits, she’s in fact the third member from the glorious 8-member group to have released one; we had two shots… Continue reading Seohyun: ‘Don’t Say No’ – EP Reviews