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Kylie Minogue to release her new album ‘Golden’ in Spring 2018

Buckle up y'all, because Kylie Minogue is gonna be stuck in our heads... literally. Ms. Kylie Minogue has announced this week her plans to release her 13th studio album Golden, which will serve as a her first album since 2014's Kiss Me Once. The studio album will also be her first with BMG, after signing with the… Continue reading Kylie Minogue to release her new album ‘Golden’ in Spring 2018

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Kumi Koda will be releasing two albums this year… AGAIN!

A year after she released her double albums W Face ~Outside~ and ~Inside, it looks like Ms. Kumi Koda will be hitting another double whammy by releasing two new studio albums! Yup, J-Pop bells are ringing y'all! The singer released her previous studio album's on the same day last year—March 2, 2017 through Rhythm Zone. The albums didn't… Continue reading Kumi Koda will be releasing two albums this year… AGAIN!

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E-girls: “Kitakaze to Taiyou” – Single Review

Released: December 6, 2017 (Rhythm Zone) So LDH girl-group E-girls are back with a new single titled "Kitakaze to Taiyou", which translates to "North Wind and the Sun". Ahhh, refreshing title, right? You would think that with their spark in ol' J-Pop world and their summery vibes would reflect on a single release like this… Continue reading E-girls: “Kitakaze to Taiyou” – Single Review

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Björk: ‘Utopia’ – Album Review

Released: November 24, 2017 (One Little Indian) I've been a fan of Björk for quite sometime, and with every album she releases, I continue to feel intrigued by her music. I don't know why... I can't even explain how... she just knows how to keep me on my feet. Björk has been a self-independent creator throughout… Continue reading Björk: ‘Utopia’ – Album Review

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Kana Nishino: ‘LOVE It’ – Album Review

Released: November 15, 2017 (SME Records) Kana Nishino's music is always a bundle of fun, heartbreak, and filled with kawaii-realness. That's been a trend throughout her entire career. It's her brand; it's her offer to the J-Pop world. But what I enjoy about her music (sometimes) is the fact that it isn't so in your… Continue reading Kana Nishino: ‘LOVE It’ – Album Review

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Namie Amuro: ‘Finally’ – Album Review

Released: November 8, 2017 (Dimension Point) While her retirement clock is continuing to tick, Japanese pop diva Namie Amuro has, yet again, decided to repackage her best singles into a massive greatest hits album. Trust me, it's not a rare occasion when you witness prominent acts such as Amuro-chan hand-pick each chart-bop, and put it… Continue reading Namie Amuro: ‘Finally’ – Album Review

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Taylor Swift: ‘Reputation’ – Album Review

Released: November 10, 2017 (Big Machine Records) Approximately every two-to-three years, Taylor Swift releases a studio album. And, if we all didn't notice (which y'all should notice by now, because it sticks out like the Christmas shopping promos in October...), but majority of the content on her album's deal with her private life... that goes… Continue reading Taylor Swift: ‘Reputation’ – Album Review

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Aira Mitsuki: ‘Pyramidal’ – Album Review

Released: October 11, 2017 (Self-released) I find Aira Mitsuki—an indie J-electronic singer—one of those musical acts that you feel would fit the threshold of your typical J-pop sound. But somehow, her sound, her looks, and her overall appeal just doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Her 2016 comeback singles; "Days" and "Detective A", were absolute… Continue reading Aira Mitsuki: ‘Pyramidal’ – Album Review